I coundn't stand it, so I made a stand for the DW735 planer

After hanging around the house with the family all day I finally had to break-out and head to the shop. My shop is about a mile down the road in an old building that I rent just for woodworking and pipe smoking. I just had to get the planer out of the box, but before I could actually use it I knew it would need a stand. I had some 2x4's hanging around, so for now I figure they would do the job. After a few measurements, the chopsaw and Kreg jig made quick work of a simple stand. Probably the most unexpected thing about the measurements is the fact the the planer is wider than it is long. The stand is 21" wide, 15" deep and 32" tall. Depending on what I ultimately decide to do with the stand, if I end up planing anything long with it I will need to add some feet on the sides to extend the footprint a bit forward and back. the planer is almost 100lbs, so it might be overkill, but why chance it.

As for planing, I finally ran a length of 8/4 popular through it, taking 1/16" at the slow finish speed. Sweet! Next I cranked it up to full speed and took a 1/8" deep cut, and my jaw dropped when the finish actually came out better than the first pass! Now, that may have just been a fluke, but I'll take it!

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