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I was out of town last week, and because I had a heads-up from ToolKing that the planer would likely arrive on Tuesday I hung-around the house as long as I could; but eventually I had to get on the road, so off I went. Of course I was half way to Atlanta when my bride called to tell me that the UPS guy just left a HUGE box on the porch. The good news is that DeWalt packs their reconditioned tools in plain brown boxes with only a subtle DeWalt label, so it was able to rest safely on the porch until our son-in-law Nathan was able to stop by and move it to the garage. This sucker weighs-in at just a hair under 100lbs, so keep delivery in mind when you order yours.

I got home late last night and today was full of “gone a week” stuff to do with the bride, so all I was able to do was open the box and remove the motor cover. Speaking of the cover, I’m disappointed with one cosmetic detail that has me a bit stymied.

Yes, I know this is a reconditioned tool, but wouldn’t you think that DeWalt would have ponied-up for a new nameplate if the original was damaged? I mean, seriously. They spend tens of thousands of dollars building brand recognition in that one name, and here it is, huge and prominent on the top of the plainer and it looks like a 9 year old boy touched it with his teenage sister’s Goth toenail polish!

I’ll give them a call on Monday to see what they think, and hopefully I can sneak away for a little shop time before the weekend is out to see what this puppy can do.

Click pics to Biggie-Size them, and you'll see the ugliness of the nameplate for yourself.

Other than the retouching of the name plate there is absolutely no sign that this planer was ever operated. No dust, resin, or scratches on the bed or on the rollers. it may be that the top was damaged when it was first shipped to the first owner, and it may not have ever even made it out of the original box. Who knows?

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